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[02 Apr 2009|06:38pm]
so ritz is closing my store. part of me is terrified as to what I'll end up doing after this, but part of me is fucking stoked. I can't wait to get the fuck out of this store, hopefully on to better things. if anyone is looking to buy sweet art, check out my flickr page and give me money for some radical prints.
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[18 Mar 2009|11:39am]
holyfuckingcrap this rules hard. so stoked on life right now.

also, Behold...the Arctopus' SKULLGRID fucking kills. go get it. right now.
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awesomenaps. [09 Feb 2009|08:05pm]
I hope that these last few days are leading up to something righteous. I'm really not in the mood for another letdown. and in the case of the latter, I'm prepared. I hope, anyways.

I might be joining a new band also, tabernackle. right now I'm just filling in for a show they have on friday at AS220 (with Verse and Soul Control), but they might ask me to be fulltime, which I'm kind of excited about. I decided today that I need an outlet which is directly angry and fucking pissed off.
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shut the fuck up. seriously. [17 Jan 2009|02:27am]
no one in this goddamn town knows a fucking thing about me. you all seriously need to shut your fucking mouths, and if you have something to say, say it to my fucking face.

I officially despise providence. come november, I'm fucking out of here.
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[14 Jan 2009|11:22pm]
so I've finally entered macland. this thing fucking rules.

all three of my bands are playing this weekend. all at firehouse 13.

yavinfive on saturday with I, Destroyer.
gunshot wound/jesuscentric on sunday with Brunt of It/Bi Anal Ham Sandwich.

these shows are gonna rule so fucking hard.
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[07 Jan 2009|10:37am]
noshave08 is finally over. thank fucking god.

i joined a new band called gunshot wound recently. you should check it out.

also, I changed my website link to my flickr account. you should check that out too.

and I'm sure no one else gives a shit about this, but for the first time in my life, I can say that my guitar rig is complete (for now, anyways). at the moment, it consists of: SOVTEK mig100U, into AMPEG diamond blue 4x12, into MESA/BOOGIE recto-slant 4x12. my pedal board consists of: BOSS TU-2 tuner, DUNLOP GCB-80 high gain volume pedal, and ELECTRO-HARMONIX #1 echo delay pedal.

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[19 Dec 2008|12:02am]
holy fuck I'm done with college. that's an insane thing to think about. but fuck acadamia, I'm out of that shit.
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[18 Nov 2008|04:19pm]
fuck oil heat. why can't we just have gas heat? so much fucking easier. or why can't this dude just step up to the fucking plate and fix what needs to be fixed.

school needs to be fucking over right now. three weeks is still too fucking long. I am seriously losing my mind. I'm fucking sick of shooting to fulfill an assignment. whatthegoddamn.

I've also come to terms with why I fucking hate my life sometimes, and why I'm so miserable. I ruined the best thing that I ever had, and I'm fairly positive I'll never have a second chance. oh well, that's what I fucking get.

not really stoked on life at the moment. although I am fucking amped on my new full stack and my brand new thursday/envy split that I just got in the mail. tonight will consist of locking myself in my room and listening to it repeatedly until I pass out. this will all take place after I get out of fucking work, of course.
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[12 Oct 2008|05:39pm]
it's been a year. and I don't think that I'm 100% over it yet. what.the.fuck. I think I just miss the satisfaction more than anything. knowing that the feeling was directly reciprocated is something I haven't felt since then. ugh.

sometimes I really hate myself.

jesuscentric is playing at firehouse 13 tomorrow night (monday) with sinaloa. come hang out.
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[13 Sep 2008|01:09am]
I'm addicted to sex. there, I fucking said it. some people deal with their shit by smoking cigarettes, or getting drunk, or whatever. I fuck. and don't fucking judge me, we all have our vices. I'm so sick and tired of having sex just to have sex. I want it to mean something again. it makes me feel like such a goddamn scumbag (which I am, but that's besides the point). I want to be noticed. that's all. it's lame and childish, and I know that. but fuck, I do a lot of good shit all the time, and I'm tired of being passed by. I really just want to settle down with someone. a nice girl who may have tattoos, maybe not. who may have a septum ring, maybe not. who may ride a bike, who may not. I just want to be with someone who wants to be with me. people say I'm better off where I am, but when your longest relationship is six months, you're ready for something more serious. seriously.

apparently girls in this town aren't into nice dudes with shitty beards who like to shred and eat burritos and watch gorey movies on tuesday nights.

oh well, at least I'm seeing noshave08 til the end, so fuck you. I'm probably the only guy you know whose natural facial hair is a Dali mustache and a neckbeard.

also, I kicked Mike o'Brien in the dick tonight. that's what you fucking get when you try to use the bathroom before me. "I'm drunk and have been playing beer pong all night" is no where near a good excuse. I win, motherfucker.
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[25 Jun 2008|10:20am]
there comes a point in life, and maybe you've experienced this as well, where you just fucking hate everything. Providence is becoming a fucking deathtrap, a hole, and it's swallowing me alive. I need to get the fuck out of here. I hate school, I hate work, I hate people, I hate riding my bike, I hate taking a shower solely because I have the time to, I hate watching TV, I hate leaving the house, I hate the thought of staying inside all day. I need a new life, cos this one's WAY past it's fucking prime.

sometimes I miss the old me. the posi- me. the chris that would take everything and make something good out of it. but after a while, you start to realize that that's not the way shit works. being positive and nice isn't going to get you anywhere. I've been too nice for too long, and all I've gotten is stepped on, continuously. well fuck that, not anymore.

I'm glad the old me is gone. I hope that motherfucker never comes back.
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[16 May 2008|08:47pm]
so I'm out of Bath St. the new place is righteous. I'm currently living with one miss Meghan Boyd, but come October, the greasy Italian asshole Stefan DiPippo will be my annoying-as-fuck roommate.

Mia just turned five months old on Tuesday, and she's still pissing on my bed. goddamnit. she'll get it soon enough.

Had my first photo exhibit last week! shit was intense, man. I need to do that more often. I hadn't been that excited in a loooong time.

Got a new bike as well (finally). Traded Perri my Bianchi for a Motobecane that he found on the street somewhere. it's excellent. and extremely French.

Dropped about $100 on records today. haven't done that in a while. it felt good. really good.

Sara and Patrick have become two really great friends. and I am fucking amped about that.

last night was fucking excellent. and tonight's shaping up to be just as good, if not better.

I need this.
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[29 Feb 2008|10:12am]
so last night I bought a ten-week old pug. her name is Mia Wartooth. she is fucking insane. I'm in love. the most metal dog on the planet.

talk about impulse buys, huh?
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[28 Jan 2008|12:28am]
I'm starting to think that 2008 will be an okay year. I'm not shaving all year (some of you may be participating in what Bath St. is calling "no shave '08"), so I'm hoping that by December I'll have a gnarly beard.

my record collection has been building up slowly but surely. I don't have an exact count, but I'm happy with it. if I ever tell you that I'm broke, that's why.

I'm also graduating at the end of the year. how fucking scary is that? I'm totally not ready to not be in school anymore, as much as I'd like to not be.

two new small tattoos also. nothing major, but they're rad.

go check out yavinfive and jesuscentric as well. just do it.

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[12 Jan 2008|11:08pm]
blah. just, fucking...blahhhhhh.

lots of new records in the new year though. I guess that's been the high point of 2008.
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[09 Dec 2007|12:04am]
keep working.
stay busy.
don't think about
don't think about

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[24 Nov 2007|02:01am]
it's amazing how much perfect sense the descendents make. it's almost scary.
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[04 Nov 2007|09:38am]
I'm going insane. I can't get over this. I need winter to come so I can lock myself in my room and write constant music. I fucking hate school. I kinda think I wanna move up to Amherst when I graduate.
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[03 Oct 2007|09:25am]
I'm still cool, right?
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[17 Sep 2007|09:50am]


*photos can be printed any size (as long as the photo has enough resolution to be printed the size you want), can be framed or unframed, mailed or picked up. if you've got an idea for a photo you'd like to see, I can most likely make that happen. prices will vary depending on size, frame and shipping. discounts on larger orders!*

b-52 cabinet head w/road case- $250

Lexar SD memory card reader- $10 (you can't really get them any cheaper than that...)

Nikon Speedlight SB-8E- $10
glass thermometer (never used)- $7

please repost!
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