[chris] (smokea_shotgun) wrote,

noshave08 is finally over. thank fucking god.

i joined a new band called gunshot wound recently. you should check it out.

also, I changed my website link to my flickr account. you should check that out too.

and I'm sure no one else gives a shit about this, but for the first time in my life, I can say that my guitar rig is complete (for now, anyways). at the moment, it consists of: SOVTEK mig100U, into AMPEG diamond blue 4x12, into MESA/BOOGIE recto-slant 4x12. my pedal board consists of: BOSS TU-2 tuner, DUNLOP GCB-80 high gain volume pedal, and ELECTRO-HARMONIX #1 echo delay pedal.

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