[chris] (smokea_shotgun) wrote,

fuck oil heat. why can't we just have gas heat? so much fucking easier. or why can't this dude just step up to the fucking plate and fix what needs to be fixed.

school needs to be fucking over right now. three weeks is still too fucking long. I am seriously losing my mind. I'm fucking sick of shooting to fulfill an assignment. whatthegoddamn.

I've also come to terms with why I fucking hate my life sometimes, and why I'm so miserable. I ruined the best thing that I ever had, and I'm fairly positive I'll never have a second chance. oh well, that's what I fucking get.

not really stoked on life at the moment. although I am fucking amped on my new full stack and my brand new thursday/envy split that I just got in the mail. tonight will consist of locking myself in my room and listening to it repeatedly until I pass out. this will all take place after I get out of fucking work, of course.
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